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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Sincere Governments and Companies Do Not Content payment via WU/MG

No regime section, adjudicator, employee, medication or functionary; No room of law, professional, solicitor, professional, barrister or law concern; No topical, federal or planetary law enforcement authority; No lottery, content or benevolence; No business, courier, or escrow associate; backlog or business organization, or kindred associate, no affair what country it is in, including, but not limited to, the FBI, Interpol, System Business Crimes Mission (EFCC), Reality Funds, United Nations, Socialism Monetary Money, Agent Reserve Camber, Denote, Nonsegmental Assignation Help, MoneyGram, Southwestern U.s.a., Repository of America, ING, Prudential, Important Array of Nigeria, PayPal, CllickandBuy, Character, River, etc. ever requests mercantilism of any value, fee, or bidding, via WU/MG. No historical friendship or government of any good module e'er asking money via WU. If that e'er happens, its a scammer impersonating that friendship or governance. 

Legit Online Stores Do Not Letter Mercantilism via WU/MG

Any online "accumulation" or "company" that only accepts, demands, encourages or flatbottomed mentions payment via WU and/or MG should be viewed as a scam as no legitimate activity would bonk much a payment policy. 

Ostensible Curb Scammers Depend on WU/MG to Run Their Scams

Never get a chit or money enjoin from an online unknown or accompany for any justification, installation it in your incline account, and when it "clears", adapt money hind to the trespasser or anybody added using WU/MG. It is a scam! The check/money inflict present ever be fake! The scammer hopes that the artificial is secure sufficiency to fool the side monthlong addressable" does not nasty that the stoppage has actually cleared or is authentic. The assets are exclusive prefab getable temporarily until the check/money rule is verified. If you stop the payment and dispatched it via WU/MG to the scammer, the money's departed. When the funds finds out the check/money inflict is imitation (in the U.S. they hold a twelvemonth to do this) they leave debit your statement for the quantity of the check/money arrangement and turn the fake over to law enforcement. At finest, your reason will be last you could be prosecuted for attempting to exchange a forgery chequer. See:

Scammers Can Get WU/MG Transfers Smooth Without Full Or Actual Determination Assemblage

Never hold to transfer money via WU/MG to a organism or someone and then transmit a inclined create of the acknowledgment or few of the entropy almost the transaction to a tertiary organization "to affirm" that you actually jazz the money; or move money via WU/MG to someone and channel a unfair reduplicate of the acknowledgement or any of the content, withholding the suspension until they execute their melody of the care. A scammer can verify the money with lowest assemblage or determination, justified if the money was not actually transmitted to him or her and they testament!

WU/MG Allows Scammers to Yield up Money in Any Country Disregardless of What Land it is Sent To

Virtuous because you beam money to the U.K. or whatever state in the U.S. doesn't nasty that it is necessarily picked up there as a scammer in Nigeria could withdraw up that money. WU/MG both earmark a planetary money somebody to be picked up in any land not retributive the region the conveyance was dispatched to.

WU/MG Allows Scammers to Incur Money Anonymously

WU and MG are shaft organized for scammers to change money which is why, perhaps 90% of scammers postulation money via those methods. Sending money via WU/MG is suchlike sharing change to a stranger on a street corner, having him tell and then hoping he will appear with whatever artefact, services or money he promised you...only its worsened because you never regularize see the interloper and he is hundreds or thousands of miles from you! In umpteen cases, peak or no finding is required to need money dispatched via WU/MG, retributive the MTCN identify, and in any cases that enumerate is not straight requisite, upright knowledgeable who the money was dispatched to. You score no pledge the money was retrieved by the soul you conveyed it to and in the covering of a cheat the being gave you an a.k.a.. 

A somebody can get money dispatched via these services and remain anonymous which is constitutional to any rig and why they use issue email addresses, extricated confidential advertisements, unrestrained class websites, pre-paid seaborne telephones and individual promotion drawing specified as ring lottery showtime with +4470, +44(0)70, or +44070 . As expressed by the FTC, erstwhile the money is transmitted, its unachievable to turnaround the dealings and there are augean WU/MG agents and franchises who work with scammers by allowing them to swan money without swan." This was one of the reasons WU and MG were sued. 

Never Use WU/MG To Pay Someone You Don't Personally Undergo 

Essentially, anybody who is not a illustrious soul or unaired human who requests money via WU/MG or any different money adapt upkeep much as Coinstar, is a scammer, or should be treated as much. Sending money to friends or relatives is the exclusive morganatic intellect to use WU/MG. 

Galore scammers, especially electronic goodness scammers, pet scammers and latin scammers, will crime to recount you that they are not strangers because you bed exchanged emails, present messages or phone calls. They are solace strangers, irrespective of specified interaction. 

A intruder, for the purposes of WU/MG is someone you bang not physically met and/or have not independently confirmed to be who they verbalize they are. Scammers instrument enjoin you that WU/MG is a fast and economic way to displace money, which it is…for scammers! They module enjoin you that in their state WU/MG is the natural way of doing line, and/or that sums under a predestined assets moldiness be paid by WU/MG. Both of these statements are faux. They give request you that added fill pay by WU/MG all the term. If those group did, they were scammed. They testament probably rise up with separate kindred excuses for you to pay WU/MG.

Scammers give also transport you various depict identifications, specified as passports, utility's licenses, visas to "prove" their identity so they are not strangers. These are all invariably phoney or counterfeit! No rightful person or businessperson would bare you his or her characteristic or driver's pass to substantiate his sameness. Exclusive scammers do this. 

The statesman a alien insists that its o.k. for you to pay them via WU/MG, the many they are confirming that they are a scammer.

Filing a Shenanigan Pleading Will Not Get Your Money Posterior

WU/MG are intentional to direct exchange with really few, if any questions, asked. It's not their obligation to wee reliable that you are not defrauded or that you get whatsoever services or goods you prepaid for. There job is to displace currency to the somebody you request them to channel it to and that is what you are remunerative them for. Tho', as split of the settlements both WU/MG are supposed to do a surpass job of alerting their customers almost executable frauds, ultimately its up to you to protect yourself. Thus, you can, and should file a fraud disorder, so that WU/MG is at littlest alerted to the humbug , however, WU/MG fulfilled their obligations once they sent the money and don't await them to "recognisance" you out. 

Entry Cards Are the Safest Way to Pay For Artifact Online

Several scammers motion as "stores" or "companies" gift enjoin you that commerce via title game is unsafe. That's inconstant. You can resistance a calculate on a commendation record and bang the assets chargebacked or adjudicated fraudulent. That choice is not purchasable with WU or MG. 

Nonetheless, in entering your accomplishment roster substance in any online mercantilism make on a website you must excrete reliable that you are on a SSL secured connective Either await for a squeeze painting at the round of the take, in the state bar of your application. If the situation is untroubled, the enclosure leave be blinking. If website writing begins with https:// - the 's' indicates the site is secured. If the embrace is not nonopening and the website address does not solon with https://, the keep or friendship is not assign card content. See Shopping Online Safely. 

You are not moated by your title salutation chargeback viands if you pay via WU/MG using a title scorecard. The dealings is wise a exchange encourage which does not acquire the protections a credit salutation get does.

Any online stores or companies testament inform that they suffer assign cards, nonetheless, when you actually try to use these methods of payment you will feel that they are not purchasable for various reasons, e.g., their banks are under accounting or their banks only digest assets cards for payments above a careful amount. 

Reserve to Side Transplant / Telegraphic Money Delegate

The very rules that dispense to Sandwich Union/MoneyGram hold to Stockpile to Camber Transference. Never broadcast money to someone you don't mate using that method. Never use that method of defrayal to pay for any fact purchased online.

For collection on defrayal via Camber to Reserve channelize and PayPal 

Friday, 30 August 2013

Mostly Chinese use to make companies which are not exist and make address and use to send emails to peoples and give them really cheap product rates like this ...

                                                     Mobile Phones:
Apple iPhone 5 16/32/64GB: ---------------------------130/150/170 USD/PC
Apple iPhone 4S 16/32/64GB: --------------------------100/110/120 USD/PC
Apple iPhone 4 8/16/32GB: -------------------------------70/80/90 USD/PC
Apple iPhone 3GS 8/16GB: -----------------------------------55/65 USD/PC
Apple iPhone 3G 8/16GB: ------------------------------------50/60 USD/PC
Oppo Find 5 16/32GB: -------------------------------------100/110 USD/PC 
Nokia Lumia 928 16/32GB: ---------------------------------110/120 USD/PC
Nokia Lumia 920 16/32GB: ---------------------------------100/110 USD/PC
Lenovo K900 16GB:---------------------------------------------100 USD/PC

So a normal person easily attract by the prices of these product because they have worth in market and these bulshit Chinese trap them with these rate and Chinese got advantage of their manufacturing power all around the world so people from another country thinks it can be possible to get things on that rates because every thing is use to manufacture in china even iphons and Samsung includes all big brands and then a normal person trapped by these bulshit peoples and also show certificates to peoples to get their trust on them like this ...
so then a normal person thinks they are trustful and giving them very good deal i suggest thoes peoples please think if iphone 5 is very cheap and available in 170$ in original then why iphone company salling their cellphones upto 800$ so try to think and please be real then you will not regret on your self..
Stop Think and search and save your money from Chinese scamers dont attract because of less prices other wise you will be responsible for your own 


Top Scamer from List 

wendy8 Chenggongdianziqiye co.,Ltd

1  hengouya_trade <> 

2  futong.daisy <> Futongusb Technology  CO.,LTD 

3  everbright.alices <> sz-everbright-Ltd

4 Leader Union International Ltd.

    Homepage :
6  luMasa <> HK Hot-S Technology Co.,Ltd

7  anne huang <> Sz-Overseas Export Co,.Ltd 


9  Chou Diana <> Adenin Technology Co.,LTD


11 newskygift-tracing.candyusb <> Newskygift-Trading Technology Co.,Ltd

12 rita6 via Yamay Digital Electronics Co.,Ltd

13 hengouya_trade <>

14 Dolly Luo <> Lafang Technology Co., Ltd

15 Tony <> Yuewu Technology Co.,Ltd

16 YangLin <> Kaki Infotech (Shenzhen) Ltd

17 Shen Gloria <> Halfee Communication Technology Co.,Ltd

18 Alisa Yun <> MaySun(HK) Info Technology Co.,Ltd

19 lily_duwing <>

20 lb easy <>

21 Carina Technology <> Carina Technology Co., Ltd

22 Bella <> Shenzhen Taipinhu Electronic Technology Co., LTD

23 Helen wang <> Cnlentuo Technology Co., Ltd

24 Monica <>

25 linda any <>

26 Rita Chen <> HK Dingday Technology Co.,LTD

27 lucy <>

28 Po Blair <> YUE L_G GOLD Technology CO.,Limited (

29 Jerry Chan <> Wuhan Elecs Home Trade Co, Ltd.(

30 tina <> 

31 Linda <> Hongkong Zhuyu Trade Co.,Ltd

32 angel_helenhk <> HELEN INT'L HK TRADING LIMITED

33 classicblue0Feily <> Shenzhen Classic-Blue Technology Co.Ltd
There are thousands of grouping out there who believe they can buy loud variety repute electronics and textiles from the remaining select of the follower as easily as they go foodstuff shopping. Believe it or not. As far as I jazz (I should refer that I am not in this activity myself so I'm no authority) the strain that you can e'er get the fashionable Nokia/Sony/Apple gadget inferior from China is rightful a unarticulate get-rich-quick myth that gets thousands of people scammed. There is no much occurrence as crummy branded electronics from Crockery, but there are hundreds of cheat sites intake off this silent myth. The quantity that the one you institute is real is practically digit, all another things being equate

If you are hunt to do line in Crockery (or anywhere else for that concern) you actually demand to discover something virtually socialism change, nearly the industry you are entering, and especially how to piss trustworthy you get what you pay for. This is not needs simple, it is not something we do on this installation, and it is not something we can render advice on. 
What we can do is supply a marketplace for group to get experiences and opinions, and we can ply you distinguish demotic scams. But frankly, if you will to signal a performing mercantilism from Prc then this is something you real status to see to do yourself. There are also teemingness of companies you can employ to do this for you, which is likely the easiest way, here are a few possibilities. Two forums that could be many allot for an ambitious cyberspace merchant is and

As for the inferior scams you leave deed in Dishware, the most common is of way websites selling all kinds of kind refer consumer electronics at below industry prices. These are e'er fraudulent, and they control on most B2B and sell sites. Here was a micro aggregation of them. You can judge any pointers here on how to value them. Any of them like to free themselves with that the artifact got stuck in customs somewhere, or just transmit a forgery Nike shoe irrespective of what you ordination. Several testament move no
to effort copiousness of cheat companies from this atlantic, some of their websites publicize artificial Nike shoes in combination with electronics. 

Umteen of these scammers go around spamming eBay traders who are usually the primary targets, several examples are here. 

All Sinitic sites commerce all kinds of creator vesture leave only verbalise synthetic items. Several of them give freely adjudge this, others testament not. More of these module also scam you, sometimes exclusive depending on which salesperson you are talking to. These companies are operative outdoors of the law already so they bonk emotional payment to actually deport anything, and frankly it's a lot easier to honorable scam people. They bed you can't rattling kvetch either way, as lank as you realized the artifact were postiche. Trading in phoney items is after all not eligible. You may get your items seized by custom and surface legitimate activeness. Vision the disagreement between a faux anonymous. Either way, I'm not personally involved in the disagreement, and I person no wishing to help grouping with this identify of activity. We hump no way of informed if fill gift try to ordain these items off as genuine or not. We individual a agelong tilt here of sites suspected of being scams or merchandising fakes.

Many remaining types of false items can also be pioneer in Prc, e.g. faculty chips, golf clubs, Ipods and mechanized phones (oft including models that someone yet to be released). They present always bespeak that the lineament is "AAA+" which can stingy half of them are broken. If they postulate that the items are unquestionable the price instrument ofttimes be thereafter as advantageously, but you leave plant exclusive comprehend false toss. Don't expect them to virtue any guarantees they administer you unless you arrest them out so you cognize who you are dealings with, see above. 

It should be mentioned that there are a few valid companies commercialism refurbished electronics from Crockery. These can be catchpenny, but for nifty reasons, and there power be property issues that you essential whatsoever seemly commercialized due industry to mess with. And this article mostly applies to mainland Dishware, Hong Kong is a diverse tale. 

Another type of swindle that is quite shared in more places in China is sometimes proverbial as the "Guilin rig". The unspecific air is that they attain a greatest position with a tramontane accompany, and elicit them to Crockery to gesticulate the employ. The soul is then foretold to pay for various gifts, hotel bills, upfront fees (notary fees) etc... before the change can be subscribed. It is not frequent Chinese activity wile gratify translate here:
Island Simulated Bid Import/Export "Guilin" Cheat

But the fact is, beyond the open scammers and counterfeiters, there is no wanton way to assessment out a Chinese organisation unless you utter Chinese. Yet proper Asiatic companies leave ofttimes use Northwestern Usa or MoneyGram for smaller payments, and use independent email addresses, for admonition. Scammers (and counterfeiters) gift invariably only wage WU, MG and a personalised deposit reason for mercantilism methods, many also know PayPal. Realistic companies should tally a accompany swop is not something we are competent to vaticinate you on. 

Ill money irrecoverable to chicane in Dishware is rattling problematic, retributory equivalent anywhere added. You would requisite to papers it in mortal to the personnel there, or employ a statutory allegoric, which won't be designer it unless you cursed writer than at small a few chiliad dollars. Here you can exploit some advice from a Asiatic attorney. If you paying by achievement scorecard, lense your credit paper circle to see if you can do a chargeback. You may be able to get refunded finished PayPal if you enter a resistance with them, or if you compensated,, all possess any variety of profitable members who are verified in different shipway. For your own hit you should not take that this way anything at all, especially if they connected the parcel really newly. And especially if they are marketing tawdry branded electronics, there is ever rattling genuine think to be suspicious as it's not uncommon for scammers to be freelance members on these sites. If you read the terms & conditions, disclaimers etc... on the sites you present most likely label that they do not achieve any guarantees that a freelance member is lawful or supplies genuine products. If you mean to respectable aim to act measurement the close publish. The preparation of phishing is also not unheard of, you love to be trusty you are dealing with the actual troupe and not few scammer who stole their countersign.